Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mothers Day Woes & Dos

Father Goof has been recovering from Mothers Day - so no blogging here. Sorry to provide this advice late but there is always next year (or you could surprise her for a change you selfish clod...)

So there is one thing you can do for your wife on Mothers Day - take the children away from her.

That is what she wants and deserves. Give her the day off from morning to night and let her choose what she wants to do with it, no matter how inane:
    - Watch reruns of Bewitched
    - Drink margaritas*
    - Do laundry
    - Sadly cry about the morass of living death her life has become
    - Sleep
    - Shop for shoes
    - All of the above
Also, jewelry is good. But jewelry or not - do not expect, or ask for, any Mothers Day treats - that's what got her into this in the first place.

Disappointed that your efforts reap no rewards? Good, now you know how she feels - every day. (Selfish clod.)

* FYI, if she mixes Bewitched and margaritas it will lead straight to the crying. Sam's ability to clean the house with a twitch drives women crazy. Expect a rough time with this combo. Of course you could also pick-up occasionally (selfish clod.)

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