Thursday, January 04, 2007

Karate Class Etiquette

When my son's Little Dragons class is sparring it is apparently very bad form to cheer. The moms gave me looks when, during a match, I started yelling,"Tumbalo! Tumbalo!" (Spanish for "Knock him down!")

Maybe they were mad because it was two little girls sparring and I forgot the appropriate gender form ("Tumbala," I looked it up when I got home.)

Too bad, it looked like it could have been a pretty good bout.

Wagering is also frowned on. But that curly-haired kid was a sure thing, he moved like a seven year old Jake LaMotta.

I was hoping to get a pool going (although my plans of having my son throw matches proved redundant - he gets his pugilist skills from me.) Anyway, you really make your money on the vig...

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