Thursday, October 16, 2008

Power of Media

So I am listening to a new book, and, while driving carpool the kids asked to hear a little. My daughter thought the reader sounded just like the narrator of The Egyptologist*. So, looking at the box I saw it was read by Andrew Sachs who played Manuel on Fawlty Towers.

So I began telling the kids about Fawlty Towers and when we got home I found some videos on YouTube including this one of Manuel getting smacked around:

When their mom got home, they swarmed her and began hitting her yelling, "You're Manuel! You're Manuel!"

They learned their lesson about hitting and I learned mine about the impact of TV violence. We all had long timeouts.

*Capsule review of The Egyptologist by Arthur Phillips - It was pretty good, but a little too long, and I saw through the big twist about halfway through and listened to about 8 hours till the end hoping to be wrong.

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