Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Harry Potter Debates

On a recent drive, my daughter called out, “Look a dragon on a castle!”

We were passing a mini-golf course, but both my son and I insisted that we hadn’t seen it and thus, she must have magical powers.

This adds fuel to the Goof clan’s lively discussion about whether or not Harry Potter is real. My daughter is certain (she views her life with us like Harry’s with the Dursleys). My son is hopeful, and I am carefully non-committal, giving the kids reason to believe it might be so. My wife just rolls her eyes at us.

My daughter watches the movie with a keen eye, because she believes firmly that she will be going to Hogwarts and studying magic. She’ll ask:

“What are the bathrooms like?”
“Do they ever celebrate Jewish holidays at Hogwarts?”
“I don’t think quidditch is a nice game for children, do I have to play if I go to Hogwarts?”

I’ve also caught her, waving magic markers, spoons, or stuffed animals at her brother and muttering under her breath.

She also keeps asking me to play this YouTube video of Avada Kedevra (the Killing Curse). She is studying it a little too carefully. This is not good, but in character for her.*

Recently, the three of us took a a Facebook quiz, “A More Accurate Harry Potter Sorting Quiz.” This determines which house of Hogwarts the taker should go to – Harry Potter and his mates are all in Gryffindor. My son and I were placed in Hufflepuff – which we were ok with. I believe (philosophically at least) that it is important to be nice and my son likes Cedric Diggory. My daughter got Ravenclaw and was very upset. She wants to be in Gryffindor with Hermione. Of course, if she keeps doing the killing curse, I warned her, she’s going to end up in Slytherin – and she doesn’t like snakes. But she does love her forbidden spells.

*My wife is extremely upset that our daughter wanders around the house practicing the killing curse (mostly using a pink magic marker). This makes no sense to me, since my Mama Goof doesn't believe any of it is real, so what harm is there in a five year old in cupcake pajamas leaping around the house yelling, "Avada Kedevra!"


Kol Ra'ash Gadol said...

what harm is there in a five year old in cupcake pajamas leaping around the house yelling, "Avada Kedevra

Maybe she is believing the words that it came from:"so it shall be created, as I will speak" (Abra k'dabra).

Chaya Bluma said...

I just started reading the first Harry Potter book to KosherCop last night. He was having a little trouble keeping the characters straight - until we got to "you-know-who". Apparently Goofgirl had briefed him on the "dark lord".

Father Goof said...

I don't know, we have already gotten a call from camp requesting that she stop putting killing curses on her fellow students. At the very least it is creeping them out. She has a long history of identifying with the bad guys. Perhaps KosherCop has a future as one of her minions (minyans?)