Friday, August 28, 2009

Thanks TSA

Generally, the TSA rules about liquids on flights have been a huge inconvenience to parents. Of the 119 items required for any movement with children, a huge percentage are liquids (yoghurt, lotion, nips of vodka - for me) that are now banned on flights. So be it. But during a trip to LA, these rules were just a tiny bit helpful.

As usual, the kids spent more time at the museum gift shop then we did at the La Brea Tar Pits.

This may have partially been my fault. The educational film about animals getting caught forever made a big impression and my own jokes tossing them in made the little Goofs a little nervous. Also, at the site, the major tar pits are fenced off, but there are little tar pits bubbling up all over the park so the chance that they would stumble into one and be trapped seemed all too real. (Truthfully, the only real danger is that Mama Goof would yell at them for getting tar all over their shoes - but that wouldn't have been a sufficient deterrent on its own).

At the gift shop, Goofboy selected this little flimsy plastic bag filled with colored liquid - an item almost certain to (like a bomb) burrow its way into our luggage and explode. But, thanks to the TSA, I could tell him we couldn't take the thing home. Rulings emanating from me may be arbitrary - but he respects the airport men in uniform and put the thing away and instead bought a bag of multi-colored rocks.

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