Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Very Welcome Mommy Blog

Does the world need another mommy blog - I long felt my friend at Not Ever Still had the genre covered adequately.

But, Alice, an old college friend, just started a blog about being a mom and this one is extra-special:
A Year in the Life of an Army Family
Her husband, also a college friend, is a Major in the U.S. Army and recently started a deployment in sunny Afghanistan.

Sidenote - I went to a funky art school - black ensconced film majors, over expressive drama majors, and manic depressive creative writers. Not a lot of future Army Majors! But he was a great guy and we respected the hell out of him even then.

Alice's blog is cute, a reminder of the sacrifice our servicemen are making on our behalf - but most importantly it has great pictures. Alice studied photography (when we spent a semester in Europe I learned so much just watching her!)

Check it out.

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Mommy Blogger said...

Awww... thanks Aaron! That's great!