Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Wright Gift for the Man Who Has Everything

My father, PopGoof is about to turn 70!  This is an occasion deserving of a great gift, but my father has it all - a good career, a loving wife, his health, kids, and (most importantly) grandchildren to spoil.  What do you get for the man who has everything?

Over the summer I took the Little Goofs to the exhibitions-collections/exhibitions/lego-architecture.html>National Building Museum which was hosting an awesome LEGO exhibit. The exhibit featured skyscrapers built with LEGOs as well as enormous piles of blocks for building.  GoofBoy was in heaven and I found breaking up discarded buildings enormously satisfying.  GoofGirl was less than enthralled, but she and I explored the rest of the immense and immensely cool NBM.

When it was time to go GoofBoy wanted to buy something.  There were LEGO kits to build world famous skyscrapers and GoofBoy began to beg.  But most of the sets were less than 100 pieces - not much of a challenge.  Then I saw the LEGO Fallingwater set with 811 pieces.  My dad loves the architect Frank Lloyd Wright (on my brother's college tour he insisted on adding Bradley University to the agenda so we could see all of the Frank Lloyd Wright houses in Peoria, Illinois.)  He has visited Fallingwater many times.

An idea began to form, Fallingwater would be the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

"Buddy," I asked, "would you like to build this with Pop?"

"I want to build it with you when we get home!"

"Trust me, do this project with your Pop - make an old man happy."

GoofBoy hated waiting, but months later they built it together and it was awesome. 

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