Friday, May 13, 2011

Gift Advice from GoofGirl

MamaGoof’s birthday is pretty close to Mother’s Day. So MamaGoof is forgiving if I miss one, but I need to make it up on the other. Fortunately I have help, sort of…

Last year, some of the kids in carpool had just learned about calendars and we discussed the date. This was a pretty hot topic for a while. On MamaGoof’s birthday, when CarpoolBuddy announced the date, GoofBoy said hey, “That’s mommy’s birthday.”

GoofGirl chimed in, “Daddy, you know mommy’s pajamas are practically falling apart. You should buy her some new ones!”

So I did! Nice win, especially since I was completely out of ideas. Now I always consult with GooGirl about presents.

On a recent gift-buying occasion I even took her to the jewelry store with me. She was very diligent, checking to make sure the craftsmanship was sturdy and modeling it carefully trying to envision how it would look on her mom. We ended up picking a bracelet (I’ve already bought Mama Goof far more earrings then she has ears so I thought I should get out of my comfort zone and adorn some other aspect of her anatomy.)

I was impressed and grateful for the help.

Days later when we presented the gifts, GoofGirl announced, “Oooh, pretty! Mommy it looks so good on you! Can I try it on?

She did, modeled it, and said, “Mommy, it looks good on me too. Can I borrow it?”

She thinks several moves ahead and I now see that free advice can be the most expensive kind, but so far it has been worth it.

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