Friday, July 20, 2012

GoofBoy's Academics

The summer has flown by, and the little Goofs have had so many adventures - with more coming.  But between the power outage and a little getaway for MamaGoof & I we've been a bit busy I haven't even finished discussing their school year.

School is out, and GoofBoy closed out the year with a tour de force.  He and a friend wrote their own version of the Torah – in Hebrew!  He ran out of time and couldn’t do the whole thing, so he focused on Exodus.  He spent a great deal of time updating the plagues.  There were only five plagues, because for the fifth plague Snooki and Jersey Shore came to Egypt and Pharoah relented immediately.  He explained that this was why the Israelites wandered in the Sinai for 40 years - Snooki was getting a tan.

Biblical Hebrew does not have a word for Jersey Shore, or Snooki.  He rehearsed his presentation for me (he insists on doing this even though he knows I don’t know Hebrew.)  But it was odd to hear the Holy Language punctuated occasionally with the word “Snooki.”

He also worked with friends to create this extensive PowerPoint presentation.  Which leaves me with a single profound question: what are they doing with my tuition money?


Steve Callahan said...

That is by far the funniest PowerPoint presentation I've seen in months. I laughed out loud at almost every slide. Your tuition money was well spent.

Father Goof said...

It is true, grown-ups are surprisingly lax in exploring humorous applications of PowerPoint. But couldn't he have learned to be funny in public school?

Side-note here in DC PowerPoint is used for everything (usually badly), as I'm sure it is in banking. In the military there are guys known as PowerPoint Rangers because of their skill.

What I wonder is if comic book artists could give lessons on how to really use it well to tell a story. (Personally, I am fine with public speaking and just use PowerPoint to show funny pictures while I talk.)