Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow Day Project: Kinder Egg Knockoffs

During our recent trip to NYC, we visited Economy Candy. The little Goofs were stunned at the sweet bounty before them. But GoofBoy, after carefully looking over every square inch noted, "They don't have Kinder Eggs."

GoofGirl was intrigued, what was this forbidden candy?

(Technically called Kinder Surprise, it's a chocolate egg with a toy inside that you had to put together - which is pretty awesome. They were banned in the U.S. because kids chowing down on chocolate eggs might eat the toy parts inside, choke and die. That would happen eventually, and then there would be a movement demanding to know why these things weren't banned.)

In seeking the answers to her questions, GoofGirl does what she always does. She went to YouTube where she found the channel of the DC Toys Collector, which consists of innumerable videos like this one:

I watched this one, barely (the key demographic is not jaded middle-aged academics, but small children). However, this channel has 3.5 million subscribers. A stunning fact that is causing me to re-evaluate everything about my existence and purpose on this earth. But that's neither here nor there.

GoofGirl was entranced, but more than entranced she was moved to action!

We just had a three-day weekend, which became a four day weekend thanks to snow days. GoofGirl made her own Kinder Egg knock-offs --

Model Magic Surprise Shapes

Have I mentioned recently how awesome my daughter is? Well, if you don't mind, let me say it again.

By the way, my son spent the day cleaning his room, so he's awesome too!

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