Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Power of Words

For a long time I looked forward to my son learning to read. It would open up vistas, introduce him to new worlds, and - most importantly - give him an engrossing, but silent, activity.

A child who reads is never bored.

A child who loves to read is a child who is not constantly shouting, "Daddy, play with me! Play! With! Me! Now!"

My son can now a read a handful of words, and one of them is "Sale!"

Now as we drive along he points out all the possible discounts we could get on the things he wants.

"Daddy, the bike store has a sale. I want a bike. That toystore has a sale, I want to go. We don't want to miss out on great savings."

Sigh. And yet again I learn the meaning of the maxim: Every solution lays the foundations for a new problem.

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