Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vacation sans kinder

Not much blogging, in great part because Mother Goof and I headed off to Belgium for a week. (There was a beer festival in Brussels, although really a beer festival in Brussels is a bit redundant.)

Did we bring the little Goofs? That would not have been responsible. They were watched by my mom. Many friends of mine drop their jaws at this, "Your mom stayed with your kids for over a week while you went on vacation? You are sooo lucky to have such a great mom!"

I remind my friends of what Bill Cosby told his children about their sweet grammy and gramps, "They aren't nice, these are old people trying to get into heaven."

Still, we were grateful and my mom deserves something special for this. One possibility I proposed was some special time with her grandchildren. Surprisingly my mom passed.

Missing Scent

My son is a sensitive kid and we were worried that he would really miss us. So my wife gave him a shirt she had slept in. He slept with it and he didn't miss us as much.

His little sister is more independent and self-possessed. But, this morning, just before she shooed me out of her classroom, much to my surprise, my daughter informed me that we should have also given her a shirt to sleep with while we were away. I asked her if she would have liked a shirt from Daddy. She rolled her eyes, "A Daddy shirt is just stinky."

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