Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sweet Sevens 2: Signs of Virtue

The other day, during one of our frequent trips to TARGET, my son bought two packs of football cards. He is obsessed with cards of all sorts – Pokeman, Yu-Gi-Oh, or any sport. When I took him to the Lincoln Memorial he bought a pack of National Parks cards. While listening to Harry Potter, he heard about the Wizards cards of famous wizards. This made him want to go to Hogwarts – not to learn transfiguration or how to fly around on a broomstick, but to get wizards cards. (He has shown no magical ability so I fear he is a muggle and Hogwarts is not in his future.)

Anyway, at TARGET the cashier rang him up (he has only just acquired his own money and is still very excited to spend it.) My transaction was complete, so I was busy minding Goof Girl and having the same discussion we have every time we go to store that sells toys. She filibusters for the latest Sickly Sweet Over-Marketed Little Girl Thing with Sparkles and I tell her no.

“Hey, those should be two dollars!” I heard my son say. I turned around. He was disputing the price. He had pulled the packs from the 99-cent bin, but the price for two came to $4.38. The cashier double-checked and he had been mistaken. But still, he’s only seven and he had the sense to watch his money (clearly inherited from his mother) and the courage to speak up to a grown-up.

What a kid!

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