Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Perfect Gift for a Father and a Daughter

Recently, GoofGirl actually allowed me to stay and watch her in gymnastics class. This was unprecedented, previously as soon as she was changed she started yelling, "Go away daddy! Go get coffee or beer or something!" And I did.

I wondered what brought on this change, growing self-confidence perhaps or just general maturity?
Of course, knowing my daughter the real question is, "What does she want?"

A friend suggested that it was obvious, she wanted a pony. But I know that's not it, she's already got one.

Several years ago my wife asked me what I wanted for Father's Day. I told her I wanted a Daddle. A central responsibility of being dad is horsey-back rides. My son was never interested, but my daughter went for them from the beginning (I've also got my niece into horsey-back rides and she pesters her dad - one more bit of torture I've inflicted on my younger brother.)

The discussion occurred in the dark in bed, but I could hear her eyes roll back into her head. I was not going to get my Daddle.

Now, at least five years later I still give GoofGirl horsey-back rides. She hits me in the tuchus with a wooden spoon, yelling, "Mush, mush!"

She also stands on my back as I crawl around the room, like a circus act. She makes me gallop and jump (this is very hard for crawling bipeds.) So I'm not as good at jumping or galloping as a real horse, but I go up stairs. Even Mr. Ed couldn't do that.

But it was all worth it the other day when my wife said, "If I had known you would still be letting her ride around on your back, I would have gotten you the Daddle."

Which means I was right! This one time, I was right! (It doesn't happen often.)

Of course I still don't know what GoofGirl wants...

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