Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reading Worries

As first grade comes to a close, GoofGirl is still struggling with her reading.

As I've written before I'm not worried at all. Reading is a complex skill that different minds are ready to take on at different times and this does not reflect intelligence or ability.

Naturally, she doesn't believe me.

In tears she told me, "Gertrude told me that if I don't learn to read soon, I might have to repeat 2nd grade!"

"Is Gertrude a teacher?"

"No, she is in my class. She's my friend, remember she came over?"

"So is that how things work at your school? There are the teachers who listen to the coordinators, then the grade coordinators listen to the principal, and the principal listens to Gertrude - a first-grader?"

"No, but..."

"Sweetheart, if you were having a problem your teachers would tell me and I would get you help. They think you are fine. The brain is like a muscle and it is getting stronger. I still think it is funny that while you are frustrated with reading, you are a terrific writer!"

She really is. She has been writing to-do lists (inspired by Sponge Bob Squarepants).

She also writes us notes - giving us our marching orders.


Christina said...

Ha! I love reading Goof family tales. And for the record...Goofgirl sounds like a superstar.

Father Goof said...

She really is something else! She has a lot of fans.

And thanks for reading.