Friday, July 01, 2011

The Canadian Way on Canada Day

Canada Day is a special day at GoofManor, the Carpool Clan are Canadians (their father is at least) so the Goofs have learned a lot about our neighbors in the Great White North.

Learn is a strong word, most of what they know are lies I have told them.

I told the little Goofs that Canada is America’s most devious enemy and they should watch carefully when they are at the Carpool Clan house (igloo?) in case they observe anything of national security interest.

I also told the little Goofs that Canadians have maple syrup in their veins. This led to some embarrassing biting incidents (not by the little Goofs who know better then to bite or listen to their father.) Naturally all of my lessons about Canadian history, politics, and anthropology are quickly shared with the Carpool Clan 4 (Carpool Buddy, Carpool Gal, 3C, and their youngest – we’ll call him CD for Carpool Destroyer). CD bit Carpool Gal, when their mom asked why he responded, “He told me that their blood was maple syrup and I was hungry.”

(Carpool Mom was not amused, she spends the first 20 minutes of every evening undoing the damage I have done to her children. Maybe I am really the Carpool Destroyer.)

I had a particularly proud moment when, discussing some complicated afterschool transit arrangement with our kids, Carpool Clan, and not enough car seats GoofGirl proposed eating one of Carpool Clan because, “It’s the Canadian way.”

Still, in the endless North-South conflict, I fear I am losing the cultural battle, my son is showing an inordinate interest in hockey. GoofGirl will really like hockey, it combines two of her favorite things, ice-skating and hitting people with sticks.

Go Canada!

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