Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hollow Victory in Vancouver

I guess I’m glad the US hockey team won, but somehow beating Canada leaves me feeling hollow inside. I remember the 1980 miracle, that was awesome, this was America coming back from a dismal decade. But beating Canada just isn't the same. This is their national sport, it’s all they’ve got – and they are the hosts of the Olympic Games. It isn’t as though Canadians are arrogant and in your face about their prowess on the ice (not like those insufferable Swiss.)

My son hates it when I get like this, he tells me I am missing the point (I tell him he is eight and should stuff it.). He got really mad at me when I started moping and feeling bad for the Detroit Lions when his beloved Ravens were destroying them. I mean, the Lions were trying and Lord knows Detroit can use a win at something.

Anyway, to get into the spirit I went to TP the home of some Canadians I know. But my heart wasn’t in it. I ended up just leaving a couple of rolls on their porch. With four kids, Carpool Clan can always use more TP.

I do have to say, I haven’t watched hockey in years and it was pretty exciting. Like soccer, but interesting.

I could see becoming a fan (my son would be super psyched and I do need a sport, everyone should follow something.)

I remember playing floor hockey in gym a lot in school. I got lots of high-sticking penalties – because I was trying to hit other kids with the hockey stick. I considered this a win-win. Either I got to hit a kid with a hockey stick or I got a penalty and didn’t have to play hockey anymore.

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