Monday, August 15, 2011

Wordy Dreams

I read and write in my dreams a lot. One of my most memorable dreams occurred when I was in college. In the dream, I asked a young woman to go out with me and she did! (This only happened in my dreams.)

Then, in the dream, the scene changed to how – as in old movies – newspaper headlines spun out.

New York Herald
Girl agrees to date with Goof
BubbeGoof "ecstatic"

Chicago Tribune
Goof Gets Girl
Markets erratic

I grant that's unusual, but the next headline to spin out was in French:

Montreal La Presse
Goof achieves rendezvous
“Cherchez la femme”

I don’t know French.

I mention this because I had another journalistic dream. I was writing my obituary. It wasn’t said or creepy. I talked about how I traveled and wrote several books (again, it was a dream, give me that.) When I came to the end I wrote:
Father Goof is survived by Dr. GoofBoy and Colonel GoofGirl.
I mentioned this dream to several friends and MamaGoof, and the consistent reaction was, “Really, just a Colonel? She’ll have at least a couple stars.”

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