Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Goof-Girl vs. Bone-Crusher

“Daddy, have you ever broken any bones?”
GoofGirl is very interested in bones lately. So much so, that we’ve discussed buying a skeleton for her to study. But she is also afraid of monsters so a skeleton in the house would probably freak her out. (If we do buy her a skeleton is will be from - source for all your anatomical model needs. The picture is of the Flexible Mr. Thrifty with Spinal Nerves.)


“Which ones?”

“Well, I broke mommy’s ankle once…”

“WHAT! No way, mommy would have killed you.”

“It was an accident, we were walking together and she slipped on some ice.”

“That doesn’t count did you break any of your bones?”

“I broke your brother’s leg…”

“You are a bad daddy,” GoofGirl said, edging towards her light-sabre. I guess she planned to go down fighting.

“No, it was an accident. We were playing, he was just learning to walk, and he fell and a bone snapped. I felt terrible about it.”

GoofGirl rolled her eyes, “Have you ever broken and of your own bones?”

I was on a role and ignored her, “I broke Ian McKellan’s arm. Not Gandalf, just some kid in the neighborhood. We were 11 and our parents had told us not to wrestle, we weren’t going to. But they gave us the idea so we were playing super-stars of wrestling. He jumped off the couch and dropkicked me in the head. He bounced off and landed on his arm, breaking it! I won!!!”

“I don’t believe you daddy.”

“You don’t believe I broke someone’s arm?”

“I don’t believe you won at wrestling. You can’t even defeat a little girl - it is time for a beat down!”

Update: Blogging at night, I forgot to put in a title!

It was terrible.

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