Wednesday, December 28, 2011

In LA & Back Where We Belong

The Goofs are, yet again, on one of our regular junkets to LA. For most of those trips we have stayed in the same Holiday Inn. GoofBoy mastered walking at this Holiday Inn (at three AM, which was just awesome.) The staff no us, even after periods of turn-over there is still someone who remembers us and looks after us. (Just last night the desk clerk provided me with boiling water and asked after the health of my in-laws.) The staff think I am a bit slow, since they've seen us coming all these years and I still haven't learned to speak Spanish from Mama Goof.

The kids too have certain expectations. For years, as a toddler, GoofBoy talked about going to the hotel and "making coffee." He was endlessly fascinated with the coffee-maker in our room. Now there is the swimming pool - which has often been the highlight of our trip.

I've written many articles in the breakfast area downstairs and innumerable blog entries in the bathroom while my family slept.

Also, I was at this hotel on 9/11.

But every once in a while, for some deep human need to mess with stuff, we try a different hotel. Our last trip was one of these experiments. The alternative was cheaper, but it was farther away and the breakfast wasn't as good. Also, it was only two stories high. GoofGirl began complaining immediately. She strode to the window, tossed aside the curtains and said, "Oh look, you can see the dumpster. Who wants to look at a stupid dumpster?"

I hadn't realized (since I am the last to get up, because I've stayed up late the night before blogging) that the Goofs got up each morning in our regular Holiday Inn and looked out the window. It isn't in a particularly nice area - but we always get a room on the same (quieter) side at the fourth floor or above. The view isn't bad.
There is another nice bonus to, we are close to a Budweiser plant. It isn't nice to look at, but the several times a week the area has the wonderful smell of beer brewing - unfortuntaly, I can only post a picture, not the smell.
So, on this trip we are back at our regular hotel and everyone is happier. Plus, on a clear day, you can see the Hollywood sign from our window.

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