Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nothing to Fear Factor

So my wife really likes horror movies. I cannot share this passion with her. You see, I get really, really scared.

For a long-time I elided the problem. When it was time to pick a movie, I could usually steer us towards something more palatable and less scary. Then she started to figure it out. She'd ask me about classic horror movies (like The Shining) and my responses would be unclear. I could fake it for a while because I had read the Mad Magazine parodies of a lot of the movies. But this facade could not last forever.

The other night she tried to bait me into watching The Exorcist - but I've already had enough experience with demonic possession.

I should start out easy on this. My son and I are listening to the Harry Potter series together. He loves it, I'm having nightmares.

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