Sunday, November 30, 2008

Velcro: One Less Knotty Problem

I've praised velcro before for its ease on morning when untangling knots is a Sisyphean task. But I've grown to appreciate it on other levels as well.

My son is now seven and he can't tie his shoes - neither can any of his friends. I don't know what they learned in kindergarten - I remember shoe-tying being the focus of my sixth year on this mortal coil.

But this is ok. When my son and a buddy are over, and I've dozed off on the couch, I don't need to worry that they are going to tie my ankles together. They try, but they just sort of tuck the strings into the couch pillows and do not get the pleasure of watching me stumble.

It is also one less torture I have to worry about him inflicting on his sister. I recall my friends and I bored after school lassoing my brother - it isn't the sort of thing one should put past any little boy.


KellyGordian said...

At least as a seven year old, you never bit anyone out of boredom. I plead the 5th, mon ami. :)


Father Goof said...

Au contraire! See my next post and some more upcoming! All sorts of things taste good when the mind gets hungry.

Thanks for inspiring me along these lines.