Monday, January 19, 2009

Inaugural Issues

The elections have been subject to intense discussion in the Goof home. For a while my son supported Huckabee, but ultimately they both came out for Obama.

Tomorrow we will get to the bottom of the last essential question.

Is Barak Obama a llama? Does he wear his mama's pajamas?

My children tell me this is ridiculous and insist he is a person.

But I have my suspicions, first off, how else do you explain the charisma - no human is that appealing? My theory received further support from this article I just read that describes him as "chewing purposefully." Supposedly this focused mastication is due to his chomping on nicotine gum as a substitute for smoking. Or is this just a cover for a llama chewing its cud?

We'll find out tomorrow if he spits during the inaugural address.

Update 1----

I hope nothing about my Obama/llama speculation is considered disrespectful. First, as the video below emphasizes I am not the first to raise this question.

Second, llamas are great animals - sure-footed beasts that were the animal backbone of the Incan Empire. Now shepherds use llamas, instead of dogs, to lead their flocks. The sheep naturally follow the llamas (looking upon them as some sort of mutton god) and the llamas readily fight off coyotes to protect their charges. I for one would readily follow a llama (plus their meat apparently tastes terrible.)

For that matter, they would be a great new symbol for a revived Democratic Party - they have all the characteristics of the donkey (particularly the stubbornness) and many more. It would be a more exotic symbol that, while firmly rooted in the party's tradition, would be an ideal symbol for a post-racial America.

Update 2----

Do not start showing your kids YouTube videos in the morning.

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