Thursday, February 02, 2012

No TV for GoofBoy

GoofBoy gave us some guff about whether or not he had done his homework. MamaGoof was not pleased so, no TV for the rest of the week. The penalty was announced Tuesday night, which meant he missed American Idol. Somehow the little Goofs and MamaGoof have developed a tradition of watching this together – GoofBoy has been watching since pre-school. This may not have been for the best, he was terrified of a little boy in his class named Simon because, “He was too critical.”

Tonight we went out to dinner. GoofGirl noticed that gymnastics were playing on the TV at the bar so she wandered over there to watch.

We told GoofBoy to go with her. Frequently at restaurants the little Goofs head over to the bar while the adult Goofs sit and eat. GoofBoy usually chats with the bartender about whatever sport is being broadcast (he’s been doing this since he was six). I have no idea what this says about my parenting.

Today, he was reticent about going, but we really didn’t think GoofGirl alone at the bar was a good thing. Finally, we convinced him to go. A few minutes later when I went over to check on him and get his dessert order he was sitting nicely, next to his sister, staring at the floor. (Of course, that’s why he didn’t want to leave the table. He wanted to abide by the conditions of his punishment. When he was little he used to give himself time-outs.)

“Mommy said no TV.”

“For right now, while you are keeping you sister company you can watch a little TV. We are giving you an exemption.”

GoofGirl chimed in, “This isn’t bad TV like Spongebob, this is TV that is good for you. You learn about gymnastics. Same thing with American Idol it isn’t a cartoon – it is good to watch. So it shouldn’t be part of my brother’s punishment.”

“Nice try, did your brother put you up to this?”

GoofBoy shook his head, “No.”

“You are a good little sister and will be a fine attorney one day. But the answer is no.”

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