Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inevitable Top Ten List

In honor of Leap Day I put together a little Top Ten list of my favorite posts since I started this back in 2005(!) These are my favorites and the choices are entirely subjective. Are these the funniest? Cleverest? Sappiest? Most insightful?

In a word, “Yes.”

If I have any readers with strong feelings about slighted posts, let me know – I’d love the feedback (hell, I’d just be happy to know I have reader!)

Top Ten Father Goof Posts of All Time – So Far

10. I consider my duty to teach the little Goofs comedy classics, and sometimes the set-up is just too perfect, such as here where the morning paper helped me riff on “Who’s on First.

9. Telling kids old jokes is nice, but it is really satisfying when they can turn them around on you.

8. Here is my Nobel nominated plan to re-start the economy, centered on mandatory show & tell..

7. This post is a short guide to a crucial subject all parents must understand, the economics of babysitting.

6. GoofGirl gave me a a report card on my fathering.

5. Caffeine is the fuel of parenting, but it is not always an ally – more like a frenemy.

4. A mommy-blogger extraordinaire asked my thoughts on first days at a new school.

3. You won’t believe what I find to be the biggest single surprise of parenthood.

2. This entry tells the story of How I met Mama Goof, the kids thought it was gross.

1. This is a letter I wrote my brother on his first Fathers Day as a dad, where – for once – I told him the real truth about fatherhood.


Robin noteverstill said...

Number two has always been my favorite.

Father Goof said...

Always... I only posted it a few months ago!

My female audience really likes that one (guys like the beer part) - and it is a nice story.

Also, when we part gaze into her eyes and say, "We'll always have pilsner."