Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toiletry Obsession

Overall, GoofGirl was ecstatic about our family trip to New Mexico and especially her time with her beloved Tia C.  But there was one small disappointment.

GoofGirl has taken up the hobby of collecting hotel toiletries, not only that she has a friend at camp who shares this interest.  They discuss the different soaps, shampoos and lotions available at different hotels.  They bring them into camp to compare and even trade them.  The after-swimming showers are her favorite time at camp since she samples the various items and reviews them.  I urged her to start a blog about it - but GoofGirl demurs, afraid that will make it all trendy and ruin the fun of it.

But the possibilities fascinate her.  Obviously it is a treat to get really high quality stuff like Philosophy lotions.  But sometimes modest hotels have surprisingly good, if lesser-known, products.  This is good because we usually don't stay at the highest-end places.  However, GoofGirl's curiosity is not snobby, when we pass by a "discount" motel, she expresses curiosity about their wares.

One doesn't want to suppress a child's wonder, but we won't be making vacation plans around this and I kind of hope she doesn't take this interest too far.

She didn't mind our power outage wanderings, because it involved staying at a new hotel and thus - new toiletries.  And this is where she had a problem with our New Mexico junket.  No hotels.  My wonderful sister-in-law is putting us up in conditions better then any hotel (clean, separate rooms, lots of food, and free).  For MamaGoof and I this is wonderful.  But for GoofGirl this means no toiletries (although Tia C was happy to let GoofGirl root around her extensive perfume and lotion stockpile.)

However, MamaGoof and I were convinced to take a little side-trip to Santa Fe and stay overnight without our kids (twist our arms why don't you).  When Tia C dropped us at the hotel, GoofGirl's eyes were huge, "But what kind of toiletries do you think they have?"

She soon found out.

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