Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dog Bites Goof

Yesterday our neighbor's dog bit GoofGirl. This was not good, but it could have been worse. He just nipped her. Our health care provider determined that she didn't need to come in. The neighbors were extremely apologetic. They had been holding the dog when GoofGirl went to pet it. But the dog was at the end of her leash (behavior wise that is), she was overdue for her walk. She had been adopted from a shelter and had probably not been treated well earlier. Also, GoofGirl had been playing with a cat earlier in the day, so who knows.
One reads about neighborhood feuds and lawsuits starting over incidents like this - but not here. The neighbors felt terrible and began producing documentation that the dog had her shots - we weren't worried. They offered to replace GoofGirl's shorts. No need there, we've lost half of GoofGirl's summer wardrobe because she keeps playing with the gerbils at camp who have been chewing through her shirts.
The big problem is that GoofGirl
has only just overcome some anxieties about dogs. I really didn't want this to set her back. She was pretty upset, understandably.
We talked about how dogs have personalities and this one isn't mean but was upset about something.
"I know Daddy, but I still wish I hadn't been bitten."
"But you won't start being afraid of Declan again?" Declan is her best friend's dog. GoofGirl's concerns about him were a big problem since it made her afraid to go to her friend's house.
GoofGirl looked at me, her eyes flinty, "Of course not! Declan doesn't bite."
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