Monday, March 07, 2011

Daddy Report Card

I was really nervous when GoofGirl told me I was going to get a report card on being a Daddy. She is a serious little girl, and she took this very seriously. She wasn't just throwing something together. She understood that report cards are important, formal documents and need to travel through proper channels - i.e. a mailbox. So she made one and put it on my nightstand.

You don't just put random pieces of paper into the mailbox. They need to go into envelopes with addresses and stamps. I opened the envelope with great trepidation. My scholastic record has not been great in the past.

I did great! See, A# (which I think is even better then A+)!

I showed them to MamaGoof, proudly. She rolled her eyes, "She wants something and knows I'm not going to give it to her!"

So GoofGirl gets an A in power politics AND flattery.

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