Friday, March 04, 2011

Guillotine Redux

GoofGirl's obsession with guillotines has continued unabated. She discusses them frequently, had her Hebrew teacher teach her the word for guillotine in Hebrew (karat rosh - head chopper.) We even read You Wouldn't Want to Be an Aristocrat in the French Revolution (the "Wouldn't Want to Be Books are awesome). Now she plays "French Revolution" with her brother, she is always Robespierre.

When she had another playdate with Guillotine Buddy, while he was lying on the floor she grabbed a sofa cushion, held it to his neck and grinned, "Pillow guillotine!"

We are currently reading the classic Beverly Clearly Fudge series. Fudge is a precocious little guy who constantly ruins his older brother's life. It is a really good series although some parts of it are odd. In one of the novels the main character, Fudge's older brother, talks about the prospect of getting mugged in Central Park. He treats it as no big deal and talks about how neat it was for his friend because he got to go to the police station. GoofGirl was horrified, "This doesn't happen does it? Not in America?"

Growing up in NYC in the 1970s.

Anyway, when Fudge makes mischief GoofGirl gets angry. "I can't believe Fudge did that!" she will yell, "He is so stupid. I'd put him in the guillotine!"

"Now sweetheart," I tell her, "You can't solve all your problems with a guillotine."

And she built a far more in-depth Lego guillotine - with a lot more historically accurate details!


Melissa Taylor said...

My daughter might really love that book - I'm not sure. She just had a 3 Musketeers birthday party. I posted about it on if you want to check it out. Fun!

Father Goof said...

What a great site (I'll start following) - thanks for the pointer. Got anything for squelching their imaginations?

Seriously, I highly recommend the "You Wouldn't Want to Be" books and I love those foam swords!

The Chief Weeder said...

When M and I were in a games phase, I thought about getting this:

I never did, but it sounds like you should.

The Chief Weeder said...

When M and I went though a game-playing stage, I thought about getting this:

for a trip to France. I didn't in the end, but it sounds like a perfect father-daughter activity for you guys.