Monday, March 14, 2011

Punctuation Lesson

We had dinner at a nearby shopping center this evening. The shopping center features establishments called Bark! and Cartoon Cuts! Whenever I see the first I, well, bark and the little Goofs demands to know, "Why do you have to do that?"

"Because the sign told me to."

GoofGirl then asked why buybuyBaby didn't have an exclamation mark (I have a certain past with the place.

"Because an exclamation mark might turn the store name into a command. People would think they should go there to buy babies. Think about it," I explained and that said the store name, but with an exclamation mark, "Buy... buy baby!"

The little Goofs laughed to hear such a sport and began repeating it to each other.

I pressed my luck, "Isn't it interesting how a little mark, not even a word or letter, can change something's meaning? Punctuation is really a guide to tone, to how something should sound to your inner ear..."

"Oh Dad!" GoofBoy groaned, "Why is it you have to make everything so boring."

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