Wednesday, November 02, 2011

GoofGirl the Showrunner

As the sun set and dusk fell, GoofGirl was wandering around our backyard, alone but chatting (she gets that from me). She had just been inside, made a circuit around the house and went back out without saying a word to anyone.

GoofBoy had a buddy over. He had come over to work on an interminable Egypt project that has been going on since the school year began. They are apparently reconstructing the Nile. Their one solid finding is that Google translate does not include hieroglyphics. But they are done for now and are blasting monsters with fireballs on the Wii.

I go outside, “Que haces mi nina?”

“Daddy, I’m playing and in my game I’m in a TV show. Do you want to hear about it?”

“Of course!”

“In the TV show I’m in, my brother is still my brother, but you and mommy aren’t my parents. In the show, my parents got divorced and I live with my mom in a mansion in the country and my brother lives with the dad. We aren’t supposed to know about each other, but my mom told me I had a brother so I go to look for him. My brother doesn’t know he has a sister, but he really wants one. “

“Do you find him?”

“Yes, but it takes a while. The first episode is like a movie of me looking for him. I know his scent, and I have a special robot dog-nose in my purse that helps me find him. But it doesn’t take me to his house, it takes me to his school, in New York.”

“Wow, and this is just the first episode?”

“Right, in later episodes when we finally get together we go to spy school. It is like regular school, but we learn gymnastics, karate, gun shooting, chemistry, and disguise. We capture bad guys. We climb up buildings and drop cages down on them.”

“What kinds of bad guys do you fight?”

“All kinds. Daddy, where do you get the gun that shoots so you can climb up a building?”

“You mean a grappling hook, I have no idea.” Even if I knew I wouldn’t tell her. The last thing GoofGirl needs is a grappling hook.

“Daddy, you know why I kept going inside?”


“Because there are parts of the show where my brother is sitting around, wishing he had a sister. So when I went inside I wasn’t me. I was like the camera making those scenes.”

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