Friday, November 18, 2011

Shabbat Overload

It is almost Shabbat - the Jewish day of rest. It is more then a day off, it is a day of no work, of contemplation, of special ceremonies. Special objects help to sanctify the day: candle holders, challah (bread) covers, kiddush (wine) cups and so forth. Judaism is loaded with these ritual objects. Major holidays have them as well - Seder plates for Pesach and of course menorahs and dreidels for Hanukah. Off-hand there are over a dozen common ritual objects associated with Jewish practice.

At Jewish pre-school and day school art projects often involve making these objects. They are precious. But at the rate of one of these objects per kid, per year... we will need to buy a new house (how many challah covers do I need?).

This is by no means all of our home-made Judaica, just what was quickly on-hand.
Some parents pick the best and throw the rest away. Some parents run their live in an orderly, rational fashion and plan family vacations months in advance (and don't spend their free time blogging in order to embarass their children.) I am not some parents.

Fortunately, the flow of precious objects is slowing. As a fifth-grader GoofBoy isn't doing much of this anymore and GoofGirl is doing less. Also, I can give them to my mom - I've always been in the habit of messing up her house.

But I also feel bad for the Carpool Clan - as massive as our strategic reserve of Judaica - with four kids (and Carpool Destroyer only in kindergarten) I am surprised their house hasn't exploded showering the neighborhood in dreidels and etrog cases.

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