Saturday, November 05, 2011

Silent Lunch Hijinks

The teachers at GoofBoy's school have initiated a new policy.  Every Friday is silent lunch.  The kids sit quietly - sounds good so far!  But, the teachers have groups of them get up and try to make everyone else laugh through "physical comedy."

GoofBoy's group got big laughs by pulling their pants up high (aiming for their belts to straddle their nipples).  Other groups ran into walls and fell down, butted heads, and did kicklines. It sounds like a boy dominated activity - it wasn't clear what laugh strategies the girls pursued.

I have to say, this is brilliant.  I remember once in school getting caught making faces at another kid.  The two of us were given detention.  But not just detention, we were required to make faces at each other for 40 minutes.  Worse, the teacher (who tended to be a figure of fun for wearing his pants up around his nipples) brought other teachers and administrators into the room to watch us make faces at each other.

We weren't allowed to repeat faces either - but there are only so many ways those muscles move. (I was saved, I can puff up my cheeks like a blowfish - or Dizzy Gillespie - also back in the day I could turn my face purple at will.)

When it was all done, I was mortally embarrassed and my face hurt.

But what GoofBoy's teachers are doing is pre-emptive embarrassment. It also wears them out a bit, so they aren't on a sugar high all afternoon.  Best of all, there are cameras all over the school.  This stuff is going to be on YouTube soon enough. That might be illegal. But at least they could share the videos with the parents.

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