Tuesday, December 26, 2017

GoofBoy of Winter Breaks Past...

GoofBoy is now a teenager. I am teaching him to drive. I know teenagers can be awful, but I've got two of them and so far they are not. They have always been wonderful children, and continue to be.

They are so sweet and good-natured that I worry a bit about the cold harsh world. But they aren't fools, they know that most children don't have the comforts and opportunities that they enjoy.

Here is a little story about GoofBoy from a winter break several years ago.

We went to our neighborhood Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and donuts, because coffee and donuts are great on a winter day. (I like Starbucks, but for a simple cup of coffee, DD hits the spot.)

A group of guys (not so young) were hanging out chatting - weather was a big topic. I joined in, this and that. (GoofBoy enjoys seeing me interact with adults - maybe because I do it so rarely. I remember him choosing to join me as I caught up with an old friend on a trip to Boston. He enjoyed watching us reminisce. On our trips to LA, he would constantly ask when we would go see some of my friends out there.)

After a while, their conversation wound down. One of them however stuck around. He explained that he was a bus driver for the county schools, so he was off work for the week. His daughter worked at DD, so he could hang out with her (and presumably enjoy free coffee and donuts - hope GoofBoy got an idea...)

He asked me my thoughts on a recent county school policy. Since GoofBoy is a private school, I don't know much about these things, but we chatted about that for a bit. Then we headed out. As we walked back to the car GoofBoy observed: 

"Dad, that was really interesting."

"We were just chatting. Small talk," I answered.

"But it was interesting. And you know, I really appreciate the bus drivers and how hard they work to keep us safe. Whenever we go on a school trip, I make sure to thank the drivers."

I can't say don't ever change GoofBoy - because life is change. But don't lose that unaffected kindness.